Tuesday, January 16, 2007


When I started using Mobizines about 18 months ago, I was enjoying reading the BBC News mobizine on my Nokia 9300 smart phone around the world. I could download the mini version of BBC News onto my phone whenever I have a GRPS connection and read it at anytime I like even on the plane in offline mode. However for a long time BBC News was the only mobizine available to download. Very recently I switched my phone over to Nokia E62 for its better email capability, I needed to re-install mobizines on that. Surprisingly I found they have grown the collection to around 50! Including popular magazines like Timeout, TechDigest, CNet, and even GQ:-) You can get it started by registering your phone on their website. With Nokia E62's WiFi connection I can download these mobizines via office/home/hotspots wireless broadband connection which costs nothing. I have told everyone at my work about it, they all love the service!



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