Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Enterprise AJAX

In one of my recent projects, I have used Backbase AJAX Framework for JSF to create rich user interface for an B2B telco ebilling application. Backbase AJAX platform consists of a client-side AJAX Engine, JSF Runtime, JSF Components (UI Widgets) and a Developer Tools.
The Backbase AJAX Engine is developed in JavaScript and provides a number of generic and reusable client side features, such as drag-and-drop, animations, back-forward button support, bookmarks, focus model, state management, data binding and templating.
The Backbase JSF runtime performs the AJAX component rendering in the JSF presentation framework. It extends the JSF request lifecycle to work in a Single Page Interface environment, it synchronizes client-server state and facilitates data binding.
The Backbase AJAX JSF Components includes over 30 customizable UI components with built-in AJAX features.
The Backbase AJAX Developer Tools provide a complete set of development tools with a plug-in for the Eclipse platform and debugging tools within the web browser itself.
It offers a 30-day trial version which contains the full functionality.



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